The girl behind the design of wedding invitations at DreamMaker Designs

Why I choose to design wedding invitations

I am the daughter of a serviceman who traveled to many places growing up. This experience has given me a unique perspective and is one of the reasons why I choose to design wedding invitations. Here’s what I mean. While living in Germany, I loved walking on cobblestones, passing under intricate iron signs above storefronts and running my hands over brass placards bolted to stone buildings. I remember wondering how those were made. Germany is where I also began to feel how organic and layered and ever-changing the natural world is. This not only sparked my imagination and natural curiosity, but also set the stage for what was to come. I was a girl who didn’t have many friends because we moved around a lot so I turned to reading. From an early age, I devoured all kinds of books and soon found friends within those pages. Then, as I got older, I began to admire all sorts of type-in books, on signs, graffiti, anything with letterforms …. everywhere I went. Not yet able to pinpoint what it was that interested me, I yearned to understand more. I wanted to learn how to make beautiful letters.

Fast forward to now … I still see the world through those little girl eyes, only now with long-lasting friends and a degree in graphic design. I’ve also grown a deeper appreciation for natures textures, structures and clean lines. And typography is my jam. I am, in fact, a self-declared font-aholic. And I’m crazy for coffee! When we meet, we’ll likely meet at a cozy coffee shop, and when we’re through, be prepared for a warm smile and big hug … because, hey, it’s just who I am 🙂

“For me, it’s not about paper, it’s about sharing an experience. I don’t believe invitations should be tossed aside. I believe they are an integral part of your wedding and deserve special thought and consideration. I am passionate about helping couples express their style in unique ways with surprising and delicate details. And I mean ALL couples. When marriage equality was granted in California and all over the United States, I was thrilled for the LGBTQ community, and personally for close friends and family members. “


  l e t s  g e t  s t a r t e d !