Hello, I'm Tamy

... with two of my beautiful daughters. I'm an Army brat who lived all over growing up. My fondest memories are from living in Germany where I remember running my hands over brass placards bolted to stone buildings and imagining how those were made. Germany is also where I experienced the richness of another culture and the fullness of the natural world. This not only sparked my imagination and natural curiosity, but also set the stage for what was to come. Fast forward to now ... I still see the world through those little girl eyes, only now with a degree in graphic design. I've also grown a deeper appreciation for natures textures, structures and clean lines. And typography is my jam. I am, in fact, a self-declared font-aholic. And I'm crazy for coffee! When we meet, we'll likely meet at a cozy coffee shop, and when we're through, be prepared for a warm smile and big hug ... because, hey, it's just who I am 🙂


"For me, it's not about paper, it's about sharing an experience. I don't believe invitations should be tossed aside. I believe they are an integral part of your wedding and deserve special thought and consideration. I help couples express their style in unique ways with surprising and delicate details. And I mean ALL couples. When marriage equality was granted in California and all over the United States, I was thrilled for the LGBTQ community, and personally for close friends and family members."
Coffee Lover, Chocohlic, Graphic Designer